Terms & Conditions


  1. That the M/s Business Bay Builders and Developers herein refer as “the Seller”. will be responsible to complete all relevant papers including construction work of the project with the name and style of Bilqees Twin Towers at Sector C 1 of Bahria Enclave Phase 1, Islamabad and shall execute registration/transfer formalities of the above said shop/office/apartment in the name of purchaser on the date as mutually agreed between both the parties, Physical possession of the said shop/office /apartment complete in al l aspects shall be delivered by the seller to the purchaser on completion of project as per rules and regulations of Bahria Town and
  1. That the payments of installments decided on due dates are treated as essence of the The payments must be made within/or by due dates, the defaulters shall be liable to pay penalty @ 0.2 % on due installment per day (equivalent to 6% per month). The allotment of the said shop/off ice/apartment shall be treated as cancel led, in case the due installment is not received within 60 days from the due date. Then paid amount shall be refunded by the seller to the purchaser after deducting 25% of the total price of the said shop/office/apartment. Such refund will only be made after the completion of the project and once the said shop/office/apartment is sold to some other party. In such eventuality, the purchaser will have no rights to go to the court for any reason to challenge the seller.
  1. That commencing from the date of notice given by the seller to the purchaser, that the shop/office/apartment is ready for use and occupation, the purchaser shall be liable to pay all taxes, land rent, utility bills and maintenance charges, the possession of the shop/office/apartment will rest with the seller until the purchaser makes full payment and maintenance
  1. That the purchaser is not allowed to sell the said shop/office/apartment before taking the possession or without prior written permission of the
  1. That all common passages/stairs in the building shall be used by the occupants/purchasers of the said building commonly.
  1. That the corridors provided at each floor shall not be used by any purchaser for his personal use or for any other
  1. That the property rights of the exterior walls of the buildings rest with the To avoid different type of color shades and designs of the outside wall of the building, any change in the color scheme of the exterior walls shall not be permitted, similarly, no projection/hooks/nails etc. will be allowed to be constructed/ fixed on the exteriors walls of the building. The oval shaped glass facade is property of M/s Business Bay Builders and Developers and they have the right to use it, as desired by themselves.
  1. That the Seller has the right to make changes/modifications in map /size/design/exterior finishing if required and the purchaser will have no objection.
  1. That the Seller has the right to construct additional floors; the roof right shall be the sole property of the Sel
  1. That the Annual Ground Rent, Property Tax charged by the concerned authorities will be equally distributed amongst all the
  1. That the concerned authority/society is responsible to provide electricity/gas for the said building, if due to some reasons, concerned authority/society fails to do the same, then all the expenditure incurred thereon will be equally distributed amongst all the Purchasers of the Bui
  1. That the Purchaser shall comply and abide by all the rules, regulations, bylaws, orders and/or directions that may be issued by the concerned authority/society from time to
  1. That there will be no escalation of the price for each shop/office/apartment except due to unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the Seller such as war, natural calamity, civil commotion, change in the fiscal policy of the Federal Govt.IConcerned Authority, any legal restrictions imposed by any court of law or any other Government/Semi Government
  1. That apart from the price of the shop/office/apartment, the Purchaser shall al so pay documentation charges for transfer/registration/Govt. taxes, if any of the said shop/office/apartment, Gas connection will be purchaser’s
  1. That during installment, any internal transfer will be charged for Shop PKR 200,000/ -, Office PKR 150,000/- , Apartment PKR 100,000/-.
  1. That if the shops, executive offices or serviced apartments are rented out by the project the seller will give power of attorney to rent the property under branded agreement of project to deal with brands directly for collection of rents etc. The seller will charge 10% of the total rent annually for managing the All maintenance charges will be paid by the purchaser in order to keep the building neat clean and in updated manner to maintain it.
  1. If the shop is rented by Business Bay through its marketing company Falcon Dot Com to any brand the project will hold the lease for that particular period to any brand under branding agreement to manage the project and look after the interest of seller and purchasers, and brand, however purchaser of the shop will be at liberty to sale his shop to any party at any price on the same terms and conditions branding fee will be


Collection Account PKR

  • A/C Title: Business Bay
  • A/C No : 3463 3900 0000 0302
  • IBAN Code: PK59FAYS 3463 3900 0000 0302
  • Swift Code: FAYSPKKA
  • Bank: Faysal Bank Limited


Collection Account USD

  • A/C Title : Business Bay
  • A/C No :  0205 0100 0000 8055
  • IBAN Code: PK14FAYS 0205 0100 0000 8055
  • Swift Code: FAYSPKKA
  • Bank:  Faysal Bank Limited